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Professionally cleaning panels in Northern California since 2012. 


11 Years in Northern California

Our Story

Our story is a testament to our commitment to renewable energy, our clients, and the quality of service we deliver. In May 2023, Apollos Solar LLC acquired both Nor Cal Solar Clean and Pure Solar Clean, bringing together a wealth of expertise and experience under one unified banner. This acquisition marked an exciting new chapter in our journey, and it’s one we’re proud to share with you.

Apollos Solar LLC has always been a leader in the solar industry, and our decision to acquire Nor Cal Solar Clean and Pure Solar Clean was driven by our recognition of their exceptional service and longstanding reputation. For over a decade, these companies have been providing top-tier, professional solar panel cleaning services, ensuring maximum solar energy efficiency for homes and businesses alike.

We want to assure our clients, both old and new, that the systems and processes you’ve come to trust over the past 11 years will remain at the core of our operations. The eco-friendly cleaning techniques, the meticulous attention to detail, the commitment to customer satisfaction – these are all aspects we hold in high regard and intend to uphold.

Under Apollos Solar LLC, Pure Solar Clean will continue to stride towards a cleaner, greener future, fostering the same values and principles that have made Nor Cal Solar Clean and Pure Solar Clean trusted names in the industry. We’re excited to carry forward their legacy, enhance our service offerings, and provide an even better solar cleaning experience for our customers.

We’re passionate about harnessing the sun’s power more efficiently and look forward to helping you make the most of your solar investment. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable world!

Professional & Timely

There’s nothing like a professional clean for your solar panels. With the highest quality brushes and water, your panels will be restored to maximum efficiency. Our on-time team will provide quick turnarounds on your regular scheduled cleaning. You’ll receive a before and after picture after every service.

Experienced & Thorough

Whether the panels are located on the ground or the roof, in the city or in the country, on a building or in a field, we’ve seen it all. Make sure your panels are cleaned correctly by contacting our team today. 


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